Before Submitting a Bug Report be sure to browse #get-help and #faq where your issue might be explain/solved.

To gather information for a bug report we need the following information:

Topic Title: Course name + section + what type of bug(is it a typo, instructions error, broken URL, SCT issue)

For the Post:

Summery of the report:alias command does not work
**Course URL:**above
Steps to Reproduce: when I try to save the alias it malfunctions
Fix or Workaround:
Please attach screenshots

Please also tag your bug report with the appropriate language.

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Hi there, thanks for posting.

Could you please provide a screenshot of the command(s) you entered into the terminal, and the output received?


What’s a screenshot and how do I make one?

I’m serious. I don’t know how.

nobody home?<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

It varies a bit with the OS of your computer. In a couple just using the print screen key will save a screenshot (typically to a pictures or images folder). You may need to find a specific keypress for your OS, a quick online search would be easiest.

I’m an idiot, I have no idea where to look. (and “print screen” doesn’t work)

Just use a search engine and you should be able to hunt down the relevant info soon enough.

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you lost me there too. I’m wasting my time.

In other words, you can Google(Firefox, Edge, Safari, Etc.) how to. The same way you search to come to this site.

I can see you posted a couple of replies here in quick succession. You should know that the Super Users and Moderators here are volunteers, not Codecademy staff, and so do not observe fixed hours where they’re constantly around. As a result, immediate responses from us are the exception and not the rule. :slight_smile:

If you don’t know how to take a screenshot, or search for this information independently, then this link might solve both queries in one swing