No clue what I’m doing here. Still not sure which packages are dplyer and readr in this code. I keep getting an error message that says "Error in read_csv(“artists.csv”) : could not find function “read_csv”
Here are the instructions: Currently, the code inside notebook.Rmd throws an error because it uses the dplyr and readr packages without importing them. Import the dplyr and readr packages by using the library() function and then press run so that you can observe the packages do their magic!

here is the hint: library(package-name) <— Not sure where or how to incorporate this package in the code but I have an idea.

Here is the code!!!

title: “Introduction to R Syntax”
output: html_notebook

# load libraries

# load data frame

* artists <- read_csv('artists.csv') 

# inspect data frame
artists %>%
  select(-country,-year_founded,-albums) %>%
  filter(spotify_monthly_listeners > 20000000, genre != 'Hip Hop') %>%