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I think the problem with the code in line 12 is that the list contains more than one type of data. In this case integers and strings . Previously there have only been lists with one type of data to sort so the my_list.sort()

I am getting closer to the end.
The last problem seems to be line 17 adding [ 2.5, “peppers”] into the list in between [2, pepperoni], and [3, “sausage”] adding a new element between two existing elements.

I think

pizza_and_prices.insert(9, 2.5, "peppers")  

should be more like

pizza_and_prices.insert(9, [2.5, "peppers"]) 

bacause you’re adding [2.5, "peppers"] to the pizza_and_prices list (of lists).

But I don’t think that 9 is the correct index to use to add [2.5, "peppers"] between [2, "pepperoni"] and [3, "sausage"] in the pizza_and_prices list.
What is the index of [3, "sausage"]?

Notice that the type of thing you are adding to pizza_and_prices is a list.

I have taken your advice regarding adding the square brackets and got a solution of some kind. I have posted the code for the project for anyone else who might have the same difficulties.

Thanks to everyone that replied to my previous posts.