2nd question - Remove the indent on the second print statement. Run the file. Now what’s printed?
When I removed the indent on the 2nd print statement, I am getting an error and I can not move to the next stage.
Consider * as 1 space.

def greet_customer():
**print(“Welcome to Engrossing Grocers.”)
print(“Our special is mandarin oranges.”) (this line i am removing **)
**print(“Have fun shopping!”)
**print(“Cleanup on Aisle 6”)


The forum here provides a method by which you don’t need those asterisks to indicate indentation. Just use the </> icon at the middle of the menu bar at the top of the text box you are typing in, so it looks like this:

def greet_customer():
    print("Welcome to Engrossing Grocers.")
print("Our special is mandarin oranges.")
    print("Have fun shopping!")
    print("Cleanup on Aisle 6")

That doesn’t work because out-denting the line print("Our special is mandarin oranges.") tells Python that the function body has ended (is complete). Then, on the next line there is whitespace (indentation) with no preceding “excuse” for whitespace, i.e., a function declaration, for statement loop, if statement or any other statement terminated with a colon (:).

BUT … None of the above matters!!! The instructions were not to copy and paste the “Grociers” function, but rather to

  1. Run . Look at what is printed out!

If you have overwritten what was there before, just click the circular “reset” icon at the bottom of the screen, next to “Run”