I believe I finally understand return. Therefore, I understand this much:
def square_point(x_value, y_value):
x_2 = x_value * x_value
y_2 = y_value * y_value
return x_2, y_2

but I do not understand to arrive here:
x_squared, y_squared = square_point(1, 3)

x_squared, y_squared Where does this come from?

we can store the returned value in a variable:

def example():
   return "test"

e = example()
print(e) # prints test

if we return multiple values, we need to multiple variable to get each returned value

so x_squared and y_squared are defined here:

x_squared, y_squared = square_point(1, 3)
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I will review that exercise but I think I understand what you are writing. Thank you.