This is my code:

console.log(Math.random() * 100);

I see different numbers in console every time i run it but there is no green check mark next to the question?


Hi @imprint420,

Thanks for inserting the link towards the lesson for your question.

There are 3 steps in that exercise, mind me asking in which step you’re facing trouble with?
And is there any error showing through the lesson when you click run?


1st step. The console on the right gives random number everytime I click run but the question 1 doesn’t have a green check sign and I can proceed to the next question.


Hi @imprint420,

If that’s the case, your code syntax is correct for that step. Just a suggestion though, have you tried omitting all the whitespace in between? Try delete the whitespace (blank spaces) after the Math.random() and before 100 and run it again, see if it works?

Whitespace shouldn’t matter in the real code, but maybe the validation system/SCT is rather strict on that lesson and I wonder if it’s looking for that.

If all that do not work, I would suggest you to try using another browser to run that lesson. Sometimes, changing browser helps but I would recommend you to try the above suggestion first.

Hope it works. :slight_smile:


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