Hello, I am just about to create Isas Fashion Blog.
And at this point, my understanding struggles a bit.

I linked Isas picture the following way :
Edit : i am even to stupid to copy my “code” here…than i just see the linked image.

First thing what i don’t understand : the > after contact. To me, it’s like closing the “a” a second time (look at red circled on the picture please >):

And the second thing i don’t get is this - after testing the link above (it worked) i clicked on “clean” and this made it looks very confusing to me (picture number 2)

Its hard to me to see which is related to what and which clothing is belonged to each other (< >). Can i continue to do it “my way” , or will i get problems later ?
I hope someone will understand my English / question.

The way you wrote it works fine. I think that you can continue doing it “your way”.

Oh this are great news ! Thank you :slight_smile: