plz solve this i stucked here any one can please help me?


Note: including codes by between < > is not allowed in description in codecademy so i will be using ' ' instead of <>. Please understand.

By using 'a'.....'/a' You can convert any thing into a link for another website or other things.
In this particular course it says us to convert a image into link.
For that you need to specify or give the link that is to be opened inside 'a' like this: 'a href = "" ' once link is written you can use target attribute to open the link in new tab like this: ' a href = "" target = _blank '
Now to add the link to the image, you can put the link of image between 'a' and '/a' .Like i have done below please look i have given the link to the image by using ' img src = "link" alt = "bear" ' between 'a' and '/a'
That's it about this exercise.

<a href = "" target = "blank"> <img src = "" alt = "This is a brown bear.It's found in Caneda" />


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