It is asking me to change the code from saying ‘burger patty’, ‘pickles’ to ‘peanut butter’, 'jelly
’ and I tried just simply exchanging the words and it worked but wouldnt let me move on and then i read carefully to and it said to rewrite the code with my own argument and I did and still managed to change it to peanut butter and jelly but it won’t let me move on. It says im supposed to put it all together and im not sure what that means

This is what is in the code editor at the beginning of the lesson:

1  // Define the 'makeSandwich()' function
2  function makeSandwich(topping1, topping2) {
3    sandwich = 'bread' + ','
4    sandwich += topping1 + ','
5    sandwich += topping2 + ','
6    sandwich += 'bread'
7    return sandwich
8  }
10  // Call the function and store the returned value in 'result'
11  result = makeSandwich('burger patty', 'pickles')

Try clicking the reset icon then refreshing your browser. Then type your new code on line 12 to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. That should allow you to move on. Hope this helps!