The source code

In this project, I am getting the output as a bunch of errors which are mentioned below.

./main.go:5:7: publisher declared and not used
./main.go:9:7: year declared and not used
./main.go:10:7: pageNumber declared and not used
./main.go:11:7: grade declared and not used

What should I do in order to resolve these errors

use it or don’t declare it? isn’t that what it’s complaining about?

Hey, looks like you are missing the closing ‘}’ in your code.
However, I do have the same issue… There are vars and they have assignments and still this stupid error.

UPD: yep, if there is no information about years and pages - then the error occurs.

It’s complaining, however the vars are used and should be printed out.

Oops, sorry. Now I see