I’m on the article " Getting Started with Git and GitHub" and have completed the set-up. Now I’m on the part to Try It Out, but when I try to make a new directory, I get the following reply.

$ mkdir git_practice
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘git_practice’: Permission denied

Why is permission denied and how do I correct this?
As you can probably see, I’m new to this so please give any advice in real layman’s terms.

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Are you in /usr/bin? That is a system directory, that doesn’t sound like the right place to make git_practice directory

can you show me the result of running pwd command?

Hi there, thanks for the response.

$ pwd

Here’s the pwd result. I seem to have arrived in this directory by default as I’ve not gone anywhere since installing. I’ve kind of worked out that I’m in the wrong directory through internet searches, but I’ve no idea where I should be. Thanks so much for your help.

/usr/bin is a system directory

we could start by doing:


cd (Change Directory) without any arguments should take you to your home directory. Then pwd to verify where you are at (which directory)

Are you using cygwin? If you have windows 10, i can highly recommend switching to WSL (windows subsystem for linux)