I’m on page 10/17 in the CSS tutorial, and I’m being asked to (in line 13)
“Add a class attribute, with a class of publish-time .”

I did this:

Published: 2 Days Ago

and have checked it repeatedly but something is still not right and the program won’t let me move forward until it’s fixed. (I get that it’s a real world experience.) Super frustrated. Is there a way around it? I don’t want to give up, but I don’t see the mistake and staring at it more isn’t working.

Here’s the lesson:

Arg. It’s showing the result, not the code.

<h6 class="publish-time">Published: 2 Days Ago</h6>

Sorry you’re having trouble. Have you tried refreshing your browser? If your code in the code editor is exactly as you have it shown here, it should be working. If it still doesn’t work after refreshing your browser, please copy and paste your code in a response. Good luck!

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