Portfolio Project Mixed Messages
It is written in the stars - Zodiac Messages
I enjoyed this mini portfolio project.
The idea is to generate random messages using javascript.
The editor I used was vs-code with git version control pushing to github.
The project took me two days from conception to completion.
First day planning and second day writing the code.
I create an array of mixed messages and to make my program truly random, the message outputs should be made up of at least three different pieces of data. I think I achieved this.
I use random numbers to generate random letters, namely the first vowels picked up by the generator to create the random zodiac messages from the stars. I especially enjoyed executing the command on my command line and generating lots of interesting messages writtern in the stars … great fun.
The command to execute the code is:

  • node starsign.js

I have exciting plans to expand this project so watch this space!

If you think there are better ways to generate these messages, then please let me know.
Feedback gratefully appreciated. Thanks

Very random, how it should be. Good job

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Thank you for your feed back. Much appreciated. :grinning: :grinning: