This is my project on creating a Cheat Sheet! Please let me know what you think

Hey there @johannesjohnson80844! Welcome to the forums :grinning:

It appears your link is broken. Perhaps you moved or renamed your project.

Hi! @johannesjohnson80844
your link doesn’t quite work as intended
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This is the updated link. I was having issues with GitHub.

This is the link. I was having issues with GitHub.

Well done @johannesjohnson80844!!

The content is simple and consise, which is something I love to see.
You have good white space and indentation, and have used semantic HTML, which is good for both screen readers and SEO.

Personally I would put the <nav> anchors inside of the <li> elements, but this is only due to the fact I don’t link the dots acting as part of the link:

<!-- the dots here will be part of the link -->
    <li> content </li>

<!--However, here they won't -->
    <a> content </a>

It also appears there are a couple typos in your <p> on lines 35 - 38, as you refer to <td> as being used to create rows and the have a opening angle bracket with no element after it.

Over all I would say you did a great job. If you continue building this, I would love to see what you make.

Thank you. I really appreciate your feedback. I will make those changes, and learn from your feedback!

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