Hey! This is just my second standalone project but I feel pretty good about it!
I think I may have missed the mark on the assignement, but as the idea grew, it stuck and I chose to follow through!
It took me a couple weeks to do it.
Any feedback is apreciated!

Hi Gabriel

The link doesn’t seem to work, it gives a page not found error

Sorry Jaco, I had forgotten to make it public

Hi Gabriel

I had a quick look at the program. As someone that is brand new to coding, I was quite impressed with the layout and structure of the program and code in general. I did get a few errors when I ran the program though. I’m not entirely sure if it was due to a software issue or a setting missed on my side.

The first error was with the “Playing modes” after the program starts to run. I couldn’t select option 2 with the “yes” or “no” filtering.

I also picked up a RecursionError after I have selected “to filter some more”.

I would think those are easy fixes and something that shouldn’t take too long to fix. It’s a great program otherwise, love the idea.

Thanks Jaco, I really apreciate the feedback, it is very encouraging to hear that!

Regardind both errors, I’m not sure what’s going on, but I tested both functions again and it works for me, but I’ll double check anyway!

Thanks again!