plz solve my ul li problem fast

under (after) the heading add the unordered list
what you did:
made the heading part of the unordered list

don’t add any list items (<li></li>) yet, your unordered list clearly has list items


plz text my problem and send me i have not satisfied to your answer

if you just want the solution, keep submitting until you get get code popup, personally i am against just getting the code, so i can assit/help you but won’t give away solution

What changes have you made so far based on my suggestions?


need a help plz sir solve my problem

under (or after) means literally that, lets say we have element1:


and under (after) element1 we need to create element2 you get:


same for you, the unordered list has to be created under (after) the h3 heading element.

and the unordered list should have no list elements (<li></li>) yet


We cannot simply give you the answer, that would be against the Community Guidelines.

Listen to what @stetim94 is trying to tell you and you should be just fine…


i have no speek in english and i will not satisfied to your answer so you can solve my problem
what i do…>?

  • What language do you speak?

    do you this language

    What did you tell me

    अपने सभी को छुटकारा पाएं


    I do not understand anything

    how i solve my problem

    अपने सभी को छुटकारा पाएं <li></li>

    Just give me my answer

    यह नियमों के खिलाफ होगा

    giving answers is against the guidelines

    you can just submitting, then a get code popup should appear in the lesson


    So what do I do to complete that task