HTTP Requests - Path of the resource to fetch: the linked MDN article not clear to me

Hello everyone and above all HTTP experts;

I’m following the full-stack-path and I’ve a question related to the MDN overview-article about HTTP and in particular about the HTTP Requests section. I ask it here, since the article is linked as a reading in the full-stack-path.

This is the screenshot of the section in question:

The explanation of the Method(s) is clear to me and also the explanation of the version of the protocol.

The explanation of the path and of the headers are not clear to me, and don’t fit in my opinion the image that should explain it.

Path is explained as follow: “The path of the resource to fetch; the URL of the resource stripped from elements that are obvious from the context, for example without the protocol (http://), the domain (here,, or the TCP port (here, 80).” The arrow in the image is pointing to the slash between the method and the version of the protocol. The only URL I see is the one in the green box that point to Headers. It’s not clear to me if since everything could be obvious from the context, what remains is just a slash or actually if the path is declared in the green box and the green box contain path and headers. It also not clear to me why the port “(here, 80)” should be clear for the context.

Before I rise an issue on the Github of the MDN page I would like to have a feedback from you cause I’m not getting this explanation.


Hi There,

Have a look at the link below which might aid in understanding it.


Hallo Dom, thank you for the link. I found the answer to my question in article you sent:

“Note that the absolute path cannot be empty; if none is present in the original URI, it MUST be given as “/” (the server root).”

The article in MDN could have been more clear, I’ll suggest to fix it!

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Sure Thing! Glad to be of help.

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