$http.jsnop is not a function

So I’ve gotten up to step 4, but now the map doesn’t render at all.

Also when I’ve checked the console for debugging I keep getting the error that $http.jsnop is not a function and it leads me back to the places.js service

app.factory('places', ['$http', function($http){ return $http.jsnop('https://en.wikipedia.org/w/api.php?action=query&list=geosearch&gsradius=5000&gscoord=40.741934%7C-74.004897&gslimit=30&format=json&callback=JSON_CALLBACK') .success(function(data){ return data; }) .error(function(err){ return err; }); }]);

Not sure what the issue is, I tested swapping out the .jsonp() for .get() but the console returns the error saying that it couldn’t return data because of origin domain (I’ve read into why you’re supposed to use JSNOP versus get).

I’m just lost at this point.

I just realized that it was a spelling error, of course jsnop doesn’t exist, but jsonp does!