Html5 subsequent pages

Please, when programming using HTML5, how do you start your subsequent pages? Like my first page (index)has to start with <!DOCTYPE html>. it will go on to include <meta charset=utf8>, it will go again to have the “title tag”. Now that’s the convention for creating the first page(i.e. homepage) for your site. Now if i wanna create another page for the same site, how do i start it? Let’s say the next page i will create is the “about” or “contact us” page. How do I start writing this? Where my promming gurus at? Please help out! :wink:

Part of the reason for using an external style sheet is so that designs can be replicated over the entire site and consistency is easily maintained. So your first task will be to create an external style sheet that applies to the overall design and layout. Remove the embedded or inline styles from your index.html page and test to make sure the page loads as expected, and is valid (

Once that preparation is complete, make a copy of the index.html page and remove content but leave containers where they are, then save as template.html. You can populate containers with lorem ipsum or dummy images to see that your layout and styles have been preserved. Again, validate the template to be sure there are no HTML or CSS related errors.

Now it is a simple matter of creating a copy of the template and rename it to about.html, contact.html, etc. as needed. Populate the page with the appropriate content and save. Open the page to see that it reflects the correct information and is consistent with the home page. Simple as that.