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Would a tutorial on making HTML5 applications/games be a good addition to this site? Sorry if there already is one, or if it has already been suggested.

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This is just an opinion, mind, but our experience has been to see a lot of younger learners cherry-picking courses rather than starting in the HTML/CSS track. A long time ago jQuery was at the top of the list for new learners and as expected, they hit a wall. Their skill level was just not sufficient and the lessons paper thin, being a simple introduction and nothing comprehensive. Self-learning requires a degree of maturity and drive.

As soon as a new (young) learner spots Game they will reach for it like a toddler reaches for a red lollipopā€¦There is no consideration for what knowledge base or skillset is needed. Every little problem becomes another forum topic as a result and their knowledge shortfall is difficult to point out without hurting their feelingsā€¦ If there was some way to prevent this, then I would be all over this idea. Not that I am a gamer, but the puzzle of creating the game is itself sort of a game.

Granted, we could have a project where a learner is walked through, step by step, but then it would just be another HTML lesson. A game project suggests that we already have HTML and CSS wherewithal and know how to structure a document and position elements. It would also be assumed that we have somewhat grasped CSS animations, jQuery and JavaScript scripting and data manipulation. Our time is better spent studying the game logic we are attempting to emulate than helping someone write an unordered list or set borders on elements.

While this may sound condescending, it is not meant that way. As I said, it is opinion.


I see exactly what you mean and agree with you @mtf, and it in no way came across as condescending. I definitely think people might jump into the game tutorial without knowledge of HTML, etc, which would cause a lot of confusion.

I would just like to clarify that by HTML5 games I mean games written for the HTML ā€˜canvasā€™ element (so HTML knowledge, css, etc. technically would not affect it much)

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Hi Trevor,

These courses might help you get started:

But like @mtf has quite brilliantly pointed out, make sure youā€™ve nailed these foundational courses first:

  1. HTML & CSS

  2. JavaScript

  3. jQuery

  4. Make a Website

  5. Make an Interactive Website

  6. Learn HTML & CSS : Part I

  7. Learn JavaScript

Good luck! :relaxed:

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Thanks @mindful_coder! :slight_smile:

And a couple more for you :slight_smile: :

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