I-m working on my project, and I’m trying ( in line 25) to create a link to a section in the same page ( at the bottom of the page) but It doesn’t work. When you click on it it changes colour but does not do what I want. Can’t see what I’m doing wrong. Thanks for your help !

id cannot have spaces, though it can have encoded spaces. The norm is to write dashes for spaces. Another norm is to use lowercase, only in URLs.

<div id="icao-language-proficiency-test-training"></div>

Link to the page fragment:

<a href="#icao-language-proficiency-test-training">ICAO Language Proficiency Test Training</a>

Thanks a bunch ! I did everything you said, this detail about lower cases and spaces is really useful.
However, it didn’t work. It changes colour but does not take me to that section in the page. Can’t see why .
I’ll check my notes from HTML and try again. Thanks!

There is still a space character in the URL (line 25).


You were right! thanks a bunch! I’ll repeat the rpocedure for the other sections.

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