(a)Explain what the codes below would do

<TITLE>VBScript Example</TITLE>
UserName = InputBox("Enter Your Name?")
MsgBox UserName
Document.Write "<H1>"
Document.Write "My name is: " & UserName
Document.Write " <\/H1>"

Sub curconvert(amount)
Response.write(“The amount is equivalent to ”)
Response.write("GHC. " + amount*2.5)
end sub

(b)Given the form code below, Discuss what each line will achieve and write the ASP code to recieve and output information passed to process.asp.

<form method= “post” action= “process.asp”>

Mr/Mrs/Ms: <input type= “text” name= “title”><br>

Name: <input type= “text” name= “name”><br>

Email: <input type= “text” name= “email”><br>

<input type=s “submit” value= “Send”>


(a)The ASP script below has errors, rewrite a debugged version.

Welcome <%

response.write(querystring(title”)) write(request.querystring(“name”) & “!”)


(b)Discuss the following


(a)Write out the SQL syntax for the following operations and using a car as an entity example, write sample statements each

I.   Removing a Record from an entity
II.  Updating a Record from an Entity
III. Adding a record to an entity
IV.  Searching for a record in an entity

(b)Given the code below discuss what will be achieved using this code and the various aspect of each line code.

Dim objConn
Dim sql
Set objConn = Server.CreateObject
objConn.Open “DSN=OUM”
sql = “Update Publisher set Name = 'Dewan Bahasa
dan Pustaka' where Publisher_ID = 1”
Response.Write “Publisher name has been updated”
Set objRec = Nothing
Set objConn = Nothing

I need help on the above questions, writing this exams in 5 hours time. Please help me solve this, a beginner here

You will be pleased to know that it took ten minutes to go through and format your post. In the end one would have to say there is still no hope in getting an answer here… It’s not an MS leaning site. Dot NET technologies are not taught here and so there is no MS community gravitating toward it.

We can readily draw parallels and port one program over to another platform. Likewise relate one platform back to the other. If you are looking for real insights then go back to your VBScript basics and bounce your code off that. Sorry if I’m out of line.

One asks as a newbie to VBScript, is the escapement needed?

More importantly, where is the OPENTAG for your script? We can clearly see the ENDTAG,


Something like this must have to appear in the HTML…

<SCRIPT type="VBScript"> ... </SCRIPT>

That’s the SGML way to typecast resources.


It’s okay, as a beginner am actually learning the basics of all this, but am supposed to tested. Am sorry if this post is inappropriate in any way. Thanks for your contribution.

Not inappropriate, just far flung, so to speak. Nothing to apologize for. We are in foreign lands and you have just washed up on our shore, along with two others in the past week (dot net survivors?). Is there a shipwreck somewhere abouts that we should know about?

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:grinning::grin: am not sure there’s any shipwreck. I had a tight schedule last few weeks and couldn’t practice. I was thinking I could get some help in understanding those questions. Thanks again for replying.

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