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Hi! I was wondering how do you find the place were you can make your website on the computer

Well I have a broad answer!

Basically for static websites all you need is a text editor.

You code up the website and then you go to save as and save it as a .html file.

It should open up in a web browser (unless you set the default to be the code editor) and then you have your website.

Now, this isn’t actually a website, it’s just the code to make a webpage.

There are a few ways to turn that into a website but I’ll tell you three,

  1. Use a service like github pages. It's relatively simple and it's free, great for static, unchanging webpages!
  2. Pay for hosting and the domain name and whatever else you need to pay for to have it hosted.
  3. There are these things called stack servers, WAMP, LAMP, etc. that let you run the website from your computer. You need to portforward to make it visible to people on WAN (the internet)

    Were can you find a text editor?

    Please note that I updated that with more info on webpages vs websites.

    A common text editor for code purposes is Notepad ++, which I’d recommend for someone just starting out.

    Notepad (the default ,stock one) is also a text editor, but it doesn’t highlight by syntax like Notepad ++ does.

    A few others for windows that I can think of are BlueJay (mainly for java), Atom, Eclipse, Geany (my preference one) and Brackets.

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    Okay thanks for the reply I will try that

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    If you already have the programming part down, the lesson “Deploy a Website” may be of value.

    Otherwise, the HTML/CSS/JavaScript course ends with making and deploying a website, step-by-step.