Html web scraper in js, confused abt reaching the things i want to reach!

Hi! I’m an architecture student working on a personal project about revitalizing ecosystems in suburbs! Right now I’m trying to pull data from this really cool resourced called the Native Plant Finder. For my first iteration, I’m just trying to collect and store the titles of each native plant listed and the number of caterpillars they host, but I’m having difficulty understanding the HTML clams and how to use JS to grab the things I want. I’m new to JS and HTML. Here’s what I have in my webstorm!

const url = ''

// Use Axios to grab the page's html:
    .then(response => {
        const html =
        const $ = cheerio.load(html) // this stores the stuff we want to grab w cheerio
        const plants = []

        $('.fc-item__title', html).each(function() {
            const url = $(this).find('a').attr('href')
            const name = $(this).find('href').attr('commonName')


    }).catch(rr => console.log(err))

I got it to work for another website, but I can’t figure it out for this one!! How do I use JS to reach the things I want to reach in HTML? / How do I find out how to use JS to reach the things I want to reach?? Thanks so much!

this is JQuery, not plain Javascript. Did you include the JQuery library in your project?

oh oops, I didn’t realize they’re different things! I’ve just been building w/ jquery for all my js projects, and it’s worked okay so far. Is that wrong / bad?

No, You just need to include the library in your projects. It’s a rather large library, so if you just use a small amount of code it might not be worth it. But since you wrote that you’re a beginner with JS I thought you might have found that snippet somewhere and forgot to include JQuery.
Do you get an error?