Html tables


Dear Colleagues,

I have just completed the HTML table lesson in the Codecademy Interactive editor and the look on the virtual browser looked cool, however, when I took the code (both HTML and CSS) to my local machine, I just saw what is in this attached in my browser. Please can anyone explain to me why I can not see the same cool look I saw in the Codecademy virtual browser in the browser of my local machine?

Hi! It’s hard to say without seeing your code. It’s possible that you aren’t linking your stylesheet to your html document. Do you have something similar to this in your html code?

Also, you need to make sure that the link is correctly pointing to your stylesheet. One option is to have them in the same folder, and change the above to:

Adding the “./” to denote that the styles.css is in the same folder as your HTML file. Hope this helps, let me know!


Thanks, I am good now.