Html tables Styling with CSS

I’m doing the Styling with CSS lesson and the task says " We’ve included a .css file containing instructions for styling the HTML content in the index.html file. In style.css , set the font-size of all table headings ( th ) and table data ( td ) to 18 pixels ( 18px )."
Yet, I don’t seem to have the style.css on my code. Why isn’t it there, or where can I find it, because this is really confusing me.

Hi, would you mind sharing the link of that lesson please ?

Hi csswhiz29413,

Usually, when the instructions say that a .css file is included, it can be found by clicking on the folder icon (below) above the code.
You should see a list of files, one being style.css which is where you can find the CSS code.

Hope that helps.

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Oh sorry.

Thank you so much. This is amazing. Thanks for your help!

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