Html tables styling with css



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i didnt do before styling wit css and i dont know how to complete the exercise


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well, the exercise already gives you the right css selector:

table, th, td {


then all you need to do is set the font-size: 18px;, just add this add the bottom of the file


Sorry, I must me very stupid… I can’t find front size in" th td" I tried
to change the padding to 18 is not working.
I found on thead th front size which I changed to 18 and still not working.
Sorry for the inconvenience I’m very new in this and I am very interested
in learning.


that is because you have to add the selector:

table, th, td {
    property: value;

to the end/bottom of the css file, where the property is the property you want to change and its value. What are the property and value you want to change?


i see ,i understand now , i didnt learn before anything about css ,thanks for your help


there is also a learn css code, given how close these two (html and css) are related, maybe its wise to both courses at the same time


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