Html Tables exercise - Not sure what they're asking for here

Hi, little help needed to understand what I’m required to do in this exercise.

First, it asks me to “Create a table header at the top of the table with one row and three cells labeling the columns: Name , Feet , and Wings .”
Which I did…as follows:
<thead> <tr> <th>Name</th> <th>Feet</th> <th>Wings</th> </tr> </thead>

then, I run the code, press ‘continue’, and it asks me to:
" Include three <td> elements in your header row."…

I’m stuck here…why would it ask me to include <td> s in a Table Head? and if so, where do I put them?? not clear at all…

Thanks in advance for the assistance :slight_smile:

I believe you should wrap the “th” elements inside of “td” tags, since the headers can still be treated as data within the table.

Hope this helps!