Html tables 12/13 (css inclusion)

the problem i am having is that in html tables lesson section 2, topic page 12 of 13 (styling tables with css), you give instructions to use a bit of code to style a particular section of the table. i have previous coding experience and i understand that your solution using a href and a rel link, but you did not go through that with me/us in the learning. i have not been shown that i can link to somewhere else. furthermore, after reading your links here:

i do not understand fully what you did here compared to the example. i used to be somewhat familiar with c++ and i know that you can refer to previous sections of code in a program to make a command function properly, but again, that was not shown in the lesson either.

without linking to a separate page, is there a way to build the css styling in a previous portion of the html page?

this is the example you gave:

table, th, td {
border: 1px solid black;
font-family: Arial, sans-serif;
text-align: center;

the page you linked to does not show that whatsoever. your solution is confusing.

Hello and welcom to the forums @arc2019126754!

You can style an HTML document by writing the CSS in the head of the HTML document.

     p {
         color: red;

The lesson containing this can be found here

Even though you can do this I would recommend doing it in a sepperate file and linking it because then you can use it for multiple HTML documents. Hopefully that helps :grinning: