Html structure


Thank you very much for your kind reply. Please also help me on the following question of mine as I do not want to create another new thread.

Question: Codecademy taught us that we should put BODY, then HEAD, then TITLE. However, I always see in subsequent lessons that codecademy does not actually practice this. Can I put title, head, and body (in this order)?

I am lost on this matter.

Thank you very much.

What? Where did codecademy teach you that? If so, that needs to be corrected, a html structure should look this:

<!DOCTYPE html>

then title can be nested inside the <head></head>, this is how codecademy teaches it as well, because this are the w3c recommendations.

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Hello. Thank you very much. Hmm, I have tried to locate the source. Maybe I have mistaken, maybe it has been corrected. Only God knows. Anyway, I am happy with your explanation and will continue asking and learning.

At the moment, thank you very much.