Html query - how to add images from your PC

Hello everyone i learning to code in HTML and CSS. i have a query how to add images from your PC to a page. secondly i use Notepad to write HTML and CSS code. but after i have saved and exit it, the next time i open the saved file its empty. there is no code written in it. this is very frustrating. how do i overcome this?.

That depends, if you want to use your personal images in the exercise, you need to upload them (google drive, dropbox, or something else) and copy the image location.

If you want to use images in your notepad++, simple put the images in the same directory as your html file, and set the source (src) of your image equal to the name of the image

Well, if you save the files, this should be good, impossible to tell from a distance, i would need to see it

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See, asked again! Iā€™m gonna make a topic for it.