HTML Program

Where I can find an html software,like one from the learning html ?
And how can I create my own website if I learned some html and css ?

You can write html & css files with any text-editor you like (even microsoft word or notepad is possible), but i would get something a text-editor which is designed for programming, like atom

you can just open the files you create with atom in your web browser

once you ready, you can publish your website, for example on github pages:

which is free


Thanks,i didn’t know how to publish it,and you responded very fast :smiley:
Thanks very much !

Github pages is a possible way to publish, its a good starting point. Its not the ultimate solution

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I do not understand the tutorial with publishing my website,how can I publish it ?

The git bit? If you can’t figure that out, git also allows uploading files on the repository page.

Or take the git course on codecademy, and install git bash for windows

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Could you help me or something ?

If you are being a bit more informative, yes

What steps did you take? Creating a github account? Did you create a repository? What is the link to repository?

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Where can I find that terminal ?It is an app,or what ?

its git bash, but like i said, if you don’t want that, you can also just upload the files on the repository (github website)

you need to install it:

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The link is here
Now this makes it easy beacause i have the terminal,i didn’t have it

on this page:

there should also be a upload file button which you could use, but using git bash would be better

taking the git course on codecademy:

makes you understand what this commands do

Next time, when learning new tools (git), see if you can do your own research, this is something you need to learn (very useful skill)

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Ok,i am learning git now
But i don’t have an upload button

well, i can’t see those buttons in you repository, given i have no privileges, but in my own repository i have those buttons:


you should have these buttons as well

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I don’t,and idk why
I can’t do this,beacause i don’t have the buttons…

because there are no files in your repository, then the page didn’t display

why didn’t you simply initialize the repository with a readme?

you can click on the README (we recommend every repository to include a README)

readme is clickable, you can create a readme, save the file, now your repository has a file, so you can add more files

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Iw worked.I was at the final step then this shown up:
What to do now ?Do you have any idea ?

because we created a file on the github website, the website is ahead of your local copy on PC

so you need to pull the latest version of your repository of the site (git pull origin master) before you can push

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Why it don’t works ?

i didn’t know you where going for the git option, in that case on the github website you might want to delete the readme, so the repository is empty again, then you can push

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