HTML pages vs React vs NodeJS for multipage website

I am taking a Full-Stack career path here (currently on Redux) and am working on a multipage website for myself as a musician. The website mainly delivers information and media, with very little interaction. Once I have learnt very basics of HTML-CSS-JS, I have done very raw one, and now I would like to redo it. Here is the raw version:

A multipage website serves texts, images and videos to users. Certain elements are to be fixed: nav, footer, maybe some sidebar. I don’t want to deal with Wordpress or similar solutions, completely ok to edit code to add things.

Solutions being considered:
— Keep as is, just refactor and redesign (static html pages with header and footer loaded within them using JS;
— Use React (all the goals achieved, can be done w/ front-end only and hosted on any shared solution but maybe overkill for the purpose?);
— Use Node.JS (haven’t learned backend yet though);
— any other advices?

Will appreciate any useful inputs.

I suppose the main question is do you want it to just deliver a “product” essentially, or do you want to use it to contribute to your learning? If the first, then just a bit of optimisation on your current site would be totally fine. However if you want to dive into React and learn more whilst building it then it’s a great option. I would also say that it’s not overkill, sure you’re not going to have 10,000 components per page like YouTube or Facebook, however what React does well is optimisation, which is quite useful if you have a bunch of images on your site as those can contribute to loading slowdown.

Plus as long as you’re happy to update when things change (e.g. adding a new album release, or adding events manually) then React is a great option as it makes the website feel clean and smooth, plus it would speed it up also not having to re-render a background image, header and footer every time. Instead it just updates the components that change, making your site feel snappy. I also don’t think there’s really a need for you to add a backend to this site for now, since you can actually make good use of LocalStorage (something really good to learn for React apps) to store your events and albums rather than hard-coding it in.

So I’d say for this site in particular if you just want to quickly update the site, keep as is with refactor. If you want to continue learning and also improve the loading times on the site, definitely consider using React. And then in future, if you wanted to add say, an admin section only you can log-in to where you can add forms to add events and add a new album etc, then you can add a backend. However it’s not necessary right now for what you’re going for.

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Thanks a lot for detailed reply, appreciate that. Yes, scalability matters, the website may grow in a future.
And, as I see things now, I most likely will wish to specialize in React, so I think, this will be a good project to ‘test the water’.