Html Make a website question 8 inserting video HELP

INDEX.HTML. EXERCISE 8 adding video.

The code completes the execise how ever I get a error in the live view of webpage saying ‘NO VIDEO WITH SELECTED FORMAT AND MIME TYPE FOUND’

<do not remove the three backticks above>

This is just a shot in the dark… Remove the type attribute from the source tag and see if the browser can sort it out.

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hi thanks for your help that did not change anything. I dont know if using firefox could be the issue.

Works for me in FF with no type attribute. Your code looks right.

Odd… I tried it again still not working. I have gone on to the following exercises and they all work fine

Sorry I have nothing to offer. It may be an intermittent problem. Try a little later and if you still can’t get around the error we can take a deeper look.

Yeah your code seems to work for me…

Thanks much! It worked for me. I’m on Chrome.


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Hi, I did that but it’s still saying the same.

Thanks it’s now working, but i think the video is blank.

I’m getting a blank video as well.

hi , i have the same issue on exercise 8 i have been through the initials till 7 and worked fine cause i dive in the index according to what the source said but it gives an error on step 2 , i also tried what you have said before removed the type attribute but not working for me , if the chrome is the solution then i must mention that i am already on chrome .

but it is not working for me