HTML Lodash Set-Up Issue

Lodash Project

I am attempting to work through the HTML Lodash project but it is throwing an error at step two. I’ve reset everything and followed the walkthrough with no success. Any advice?

This is in the JavaScript track. Should you be doing this exercise yet?

This was what loaded after the “next lesson” after intermediate HTML projects.

Pretty weird intermediate HTML project considering it’s got nothing to do with HTML, at this point. Have you covered any JavaScript behaviors in the HTML track, to this point?

Only briefly. I will switch back to the JavaScript track and review/progress before attempting this project. My question still stands, though: why would it throw an error this early when there is no issue with my code?

Dumb question… Did you Save it before running it in Node.js?

I did. I’m going to reset the whole thing and try again. I’ve noticed that once in a while something gets screwy in the background and that resolves it. I’ll also leave this project for a while until I review more JavaScript. Thanks!

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