Html issues


I'm trying to link a jQuery file into an html file, but I don't know the html tag I would use to activate it. Please help!


This will be in the HEAD of the HTML, before any other script.

<script src=""></script>

Supply a CDN URL in the quotes.


I go that part, I just need to know what I should put in the body in order to make the code run in the browser


Not much is changed between jQuery and vanilla JS in that regard. The script will hook screen elements and attach event listeners that trigger handlers.


So then why doesn't anything happen? If all I need to do is link it in the head, then why does nothing appear on the screen?


Can we see your code (HTML and JS)?


It's for work, so I'd rather not...

However, the html is essentially a bare-bones website, all I need are the scripts that will allow me to make happen what my JS is trying to do


I work for a Real Estate company, btw, so that would be why nobody else is qualified to touch this stuff.


You could at least give us an example. If an image is involved. upload a dummy image that is public domain that we can use in the demo.


It's not that big of a deal, we found a way around it