HTML is NOT a programming language

According to Code Academy:
“A markup language is a programming language used to make text do more than just sit on a page:”

Since when is this true? I’m a little disappointed that in the second lesson there are already errors.

An accurate description of a markup language would be (from stackexchange):

“A markup language is a language which is used to represent structured data.”

“Markup languages are NOT considered as programming languages.”

To prove my point, please write this 1000 times:
“HTML is a data format, not a programming language.”
You are allowed to use any programming language to write a loop that writes that text 1000 times.
You are also allowed to TRY to do that in HTML.
If you can do it in HTML, I’ll give you a cookie and call myself a fool.


You’re right.

I’m a little disappointed that in the first line there is already an error.


I don’t understand the meaning of your reply…


I wouldn’t call it a programming language to describe it, but if you go to wikipedia and read the first sentence…

A programming language is a formal computer language or constructed language designed to communicate instructions to a machine, particularly a computer.

Fits the bill, doesn’t it.

Not everything is black and white.


It’s Codecademy not Code Academy :stuck_out_tongue:

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