HTML Inserting Images and Links

		<img src="" />

^^ Chunk of my code. Unless I use the given ninja image, I cannot get ANY pictures to work in this code-- which obviously doesn’t really suit my purposes. I’ve been careful about spacing, I double checked for typos. No idea…


Well this is awkward… Perhaps I should elaborate. When I input the above code and submit, I ALWAYS get it “incorrect”-- odd, considering the images always show up in the demo box. Not sure what’s going on now… I assumed the image addresses I was using were in the wrong format, but I made sure to use “.jpg” URLs. I don’t know anymore…

Try this url:
You need to add the url between " " the quotes

If you still get an error paste in your code

The same problem with image

Well, we are not magicians. If you need help, please create your own topic with code + error message + question

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just saying be more descriptive if i hurt your feelings im sorry im just in seventh grade

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