HTML III Basics. Font-Face: Arial. Add Image, Add Hyperlink


^^^What am I doing wrong here, it keeps saying "Oops, try again. Make sure to put in at least two images: one regular, the other a link"


You have one image you need two images. And wrap a link around one image


You have two things, (regular) images:

<img src="url">

and links:

<a href="url">click me</a>

Now, you could also combine these, rather then text (click me), you have a image to click on:

<a href="url"><img src="url"></a>

let's call this a linked image. Now, the exercise wants you to have a regular image, and a linked image. Don't forget a " after .jpg to close your url, it is missing in your code


Thank-you! I misread, I thought it meant one image to post, and the same image as url separate. Not two individual separate images.


Thank-you! I can finally move on haha