HTML II Making Comments Error Message


Can anyone please help me figure out why I am getting an error message saying: "Did you turn the text on line 1 into a comment? Double check that it looks like this: "

I replaced text on line1 "Make me into a comment" with and the error message above keeps popping up.

<!-- This is an example of a comment! -->

<p>But leave me visible to the user!</p>

<!-- comment -->


Instruction #1 only gives you an example.You're not supposed to copy and paste that into your code.
You're supposed to follow instruction #2. And your original code should look something like this:

Make me into a comment.

<p>But leave me visible to the user!</p>

<!-- comment -->

You need to make the first line into a comment.


I tried using different comments before it did not work that's why I used the example. I reset the code and enter different comments on line #1 as well.

The #2 instructions states to "Make the text on line 1 into a comment. Leave the text on line 3 alone!" and I did that.



It should look like this:

If it does not work, try changing your zoom to 80% or something, it seems to work sometimes.


You're not supposed to change or modify the text provided on line #1. Just make it into a comment.
You stated that you replaced it. But the instructions said nothing about replacing it. Also, your error message should also give you a hint to not change the text.



I did all of that and I tried zooming to 80% like you said



Look at your error. Where's the line that says: <!-- Make me into a comment. --> ? The error says it's missing it.

Make me into a comment. is supposed to be the text on the 1st line. Why did you change it?


My bad I kept changing it into different comments. I moved on all the way to CSS and kept coming back to this one problem.

I appreciate your patience and time spent helping me to solve it. Thanks a million.


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