HTML Hyperlinks using Excel data as the Reference

Good day all.
I’ve made a simple HTML document with embedded links. This document has grown into several pages at this point and updating the links has proved troublesome for some of my less technical savvy co-workers.
My question is: is there a way to easily display link names and actual hyperlinks in something like Excel so that when links need to be updated, they’re not only easy to find, but all co-located?

Currently something like this:

Would like something like this:

Thanks for any assistance in this matter!

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Could you send your code(copying here) or the link of the page?

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As lolfail said, the code would help me figure this out better. A basic link would be this:


a href="">Name of page here</a>

I hope this helps =)

If this doesn’t, please give us at least part of the code to help you out!