HTML - Help needed for bulk text input between multiple elements


I have been given my first front end task at work to turn a (VERY LARGE) pdf document into a webpage.

The page is mostly made up of tables which I have got the CSS and HTML down for.

The hard part is filling in the table data

I have (without exaggeration) about a 3000-4000 of those 's to fill in between if not more as it is a huge report.

I would love to know any suggestions and shortcuts in physically doing this as every second saved on each line will possibly amount to hours.

Right now my options are to either:

  1. Copy/Paste from the document inbetween each
  2. Type between each , press CMND+Left, then Down.

Typing will be the most efficient way given the sheer volume of data I will have to copy into the HTML file but I was wondering if there was any suggestions on a quicker way?

Perhaps there is an extension on VSCode I do not know about that helps with this kind of thing?

Maybe it’s possible to copy paste all the data and then bulk wrap the around it?

I am new to HTML and CSS so any input or suggestions at all will be very helpful and appreciated!

A couple of options come to mind. 1, you might see if it’s possible to export the tables from the PDF as a CSV or XML or something that’s easier to work with.

Another option might work something out with find-replace in VS Code. In the past I’ve been able to take large sets of things like this and find some markup at the beginning of each string to replace with a set of closing tags, then delete the extra closing tags at the top of the document.

I need to get better working with JSON for this exact type of thing.

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