HTML forms & Back-end

How would I send the answers to a specific email adress or another website :desktop_computer:

then you would to process the form at the back-end, and then send an email. This can’t be done purely in html. Many languages, tools and frameworks support this

how much do you know about the back-end already?

I don’t have any idea what the back-end is :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

web development is often divided into front-end and back-end, front-end is what the users sees (this webpage for example), and the back-end is where the logic happens, where this topic with its replies is stored (often using a DB) and a topic is fetched with the right replies when a request to this page is made

what programming languages do you know so far?

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A little bit of JavaScript some python and quite a bit of html

to run javascript at the back-end (at your server, which can just be your computer), you need nodeJS. for python you could look into flask (micro framework) or django which comes with a lot features (pre-made stuff)