Html forms and form validation

so im kinda confused…when learning about forms each topic presents a new code. i know forms have different pages after you enter what you need but where is the code for that?? each lessons just provides another page but where is the code for the full form. how are they linked ??

Hey butterflybee how are you doing?

I may be able to help you. Can you provide me the link(s) of the exercise(s) you’re having doubts about?

Cool, check this out:
When you click on the folder symbol next to the current open file:

A new panel opens, this contains your files tree structure:

In the exercise you linked there are three files, test.js you can ignore as it related on how the codeacademy code environment checks if your code is correct based on the instructions given.
The other two files are related to what is being displayed to you: index.html (that is already open) and style.css (that you can open by clicking once on it).

Does this help solve your question? :slight_smile: