HTML form entering numbers

Hi everyone. Can someone tell me why I can put letters in the field on the right side of the screen. I should have a scroll bar which I can click on to go from zero until endless…
This is part of the excercise html forms in the webdevelopment track. Here’s the link to the excercise:

See step 11.

I can type as well but in contrary to you I do have two arrow buttons to select a number. What browser are you using and is it fully updated?

My code is the same as yours:

 <label for="num-1">Number:</label>
 <input id="num-1" name="num-1" type="number" required>

Ik zal mij er niet zo druk over maken :wink: .

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@janneslohmeijer Any idea why the arrows are missing. I just want to know why ;D
Thanks you for replying on the post.

I expect this to be browser related. Is your browser running the latest version?


@janneslohmeijer Ah, that might be it. Don’t think so. I use internet explorer. I’ll check it out. Thanks again!

See if you can open the course using Chrome or Firefox :wink: