Html form coding form for


I created my website on and ​I would like to have a poll on it that would let the customer add their own votes.
BECAUSE it's on wix, all this has to be done in HTML i believe.

let me explain a little:

The poll is for them to vote WHAT CITY we should go next with our Workshop.

I wanted the cities that have already been chosen by other users to
show, so that if i want the same city, i can just click on the name, and
if i want a new city that has not been voted yet, I would have a text
box where i would add the city i want.

i would also want the cities to have a percentage of the votes for each of them..

much like what FACEBOOK offered, when you created a poll on your page...

If possible, this Poll would ask for contact information:
and only allow 1 vote per email.

This email database, i wanted to link to mailchimp.


It'd probably involve a lot more than just HTML. I'd be thinking MySQL to store the results in a database and PHP to handle the form.