HTML Final New York Blog project ending


I finished my final project of HTML, the one with the New York City Blog. I finished every 17 steps of the project but unable to officially finish off the program by clicking on the “Next” button which seems to be frozen. I have basically finished off the whole program but basically stuck because Codecademy isn’t letting me to the last step so I am stuck in 93% in the program. Am I doing anything wrong? Does any of this make sense?

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That sounds frustrating! Has happened to me before.
Some things you can try:

  • if it’s one of those self-check projects, you have to check every box to make sure you can click next. Sometimes these boxes magically uncheck (because of some hotkey interpretation)
  • if it’s the system validator checking every step: share what the last step is here and share your code in blockquotes so we can see if it’s meeting those conditions
  • try refreshing the page to see if it makes any difference (this works sometimes…)

Hope this helps!

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