HTML extend


Hi it whould be great to extend HTML course because there are lot’s of basic stuff that you can’t learn there.

Stuff like:
  • Buttons and the types of it and input
  • the tags like meta (maybe script and style tags)
  • and some other things(maybe put advanced HTML lessons that are free) like canvas or audio
  • But why I was suprised that there are no lessons on the span tag

I’m not saying that it’s necessary(only the span tag that should be there) because you can learn it on w3schools. But it whould be easier to learn it here.



Nice question! You should Sonny Li, the CodeCademy Curriculum Director who helped with C++! Simply use the @ sign and the post will be sent to him automatically!

Its username is sonnynomnom


Hi again thanks for the answer. :grinning:


Your welcome @lolfail! Thanks =)


Ok. The username is sonnynomnom.

I found it for you! Probably either put it in a post or message him.