HTML expert who can not get the <!DOCTYPE> tag to work

Hello everyone,
I have been working on HTML for two years now, but I am using this website for a quick study tool as I will be in a web design competition in a week. But, I am so very upset right now as I have been stuck on this for 3 days. I know everything I have is correct, but I can’t for the life of me get the tag to work. Any tips on how to fudge the system so I can move on?

you learned in this exercise what the correct doctype deceleration is, it is not <!DOCTYPE>

Hello, I am aware that the correct is , perhaps I should have made that more clear
But thank you

what? i said <!DOCTYPE> is NOT correct. i linked to the exercise where the correct syntax is explained

This sound important and I trust that you are already familiar with it, but here:

<!DOCTYPE html>

Codecademy is extremely strict on this tag - it has to be exactly as above or it will not pass. In HTML it doesn’t matter about capitalisation, but here it does.

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Hi, thanks jibblyj for the post, I too got stuck as I didn’t have the html inside the doctype tag :slight_smile:

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