HTML Exercise 5 Instructions


I’ve made it to exercise 5 of the Introduction to HTML, and on the first instruction I’ve gotten stuck.

The instruction says,
" We’ve put some elements in to get you started, but you’ll write the rest of the page on your own. Below the <h3> heading that says Features , add an <h2> heading that says Habitat ."

I don’t see any elements in the code editor other than what I’ve been typing in. Should I have opened an exercise file or something?

Thanks for the help.



Hi mate, can you attach a screenshot of your code?


Interesting. When I log in on my iPhone the exercise shows the correct code in the editor. I’m using Windows 10 on my laptop and that’s where the error is. I’ll check it again when I get home later today.



Hello, and welcome to Codecademy!

This is the elements that is being talked about in line 2-5 of the code:

<h1>The Brown Bear</h1>
  <h2>About Brown Bears</h2>

I hope this helps =)


Yeah, exactly. It shows up on my iPhone and my iPad but not on my Windows machine. Shouldn’t it be showing up automatically?



That is a bug you should report in the course in the Section at the end that says “Report a Bug” then.


I found the problem. Codecademy doesn’t support Explorer anymore and that’s what I was using. I switched to Chrome and it seems to be working fine now.


Nice! Glad you found the problem :slightly_smiling_face: